The best sushi restaurant in Cayman

Yoshi Sushi

Authentic sushi dining with a romantic, original ambience. Our sushi chefs create fresh sushi alongside Hibachi, Robata, Shogayaki, and Teriyaki.

Yoshi Sushi is our authentic sushi restaurant conveniently located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach!

You'll find a warm, welcoming atmoshere in this romantic restaurant. Our excellent Sushi chefs serve up the freshest authentic Japanese dishes as well as more contemporary fare with a lot to offer on the menu such as:

• Agedashi, Gyoza & Harumaki

• Tempura, Yakitori & Tataki

• Nigiri, Sashimi & Temaki Sushi

• Wakame Seaweed, Tuna Tataki & Hama-Kama Salads

• Udon & Ramen Noodle Bowls, Teriyaki & Donburi Rice Bowls

• Teppan style Robata & Hibachi Skillet Dinners

• Specialty Maki Sushi Rolls: Mount Fuji, Hurricane, Magic Dragon, Perfect Ten & more!

*RESERVATIONS at this very popular restaurant are highly recommended.

All menu items are available as TAKEOUT!
See our BIG SUSHI MENU here! 

Yoshi Sushi - best sushi in Cayman